Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Three Essential Phases of Child Development in Waldorf Education

 There are aspects of Waldorf Education that resonate with our family and inspire the way we live and learn.  My oldest lost another tooth last night and I am reminded of the significance of this physical change. According to Waldorf Educators, there are three essential phases of child development and the loss of baby teeth signifies the transition from the first phase into the second phase.

The Three Essential Phases of Child Development in Waldorf Education:

1. The First Seven Years - Imitation
2. The Second Seven Years - Imagination
3. The Third Seven Years - Truth, Discrimination, and Judgment

I won't go into detail on the three phases as they are summarized perfectly here.  

As my oldest transitions into the second phase of child development, fostering her imagination will be of importance. While she will be ready for more formal learning, it will be essential that we continue to give her the space and freedom she needs to play, explore, and imagine.  Making sure she's not over - scheduled, allowing for plenty of unstructured free time, and engaging in visual arts, music, drama, and creative writing are some ways that we hope to nurture her imagination.  What are some ways you foster imagination in your children?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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